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Dave Wears Inked Horizons:

"This is The Overcoming Addiction or Bad Habit / Recovery Ribbon Tattoo I [Inked Horizons] designed. O.A.O.B. for short.

Designed for breaking the chains of addiction or a bad habit. I have since received pictures of your tattoos of it from almost every state, and other countries.

The original design here is a ribbon for awareness, the chains breaking for overcoming your addiction or detrimental habit, or a horrible situation ranging from an abusive relationship, to self harm, anything.

  • It has been dubbed the recovery ribbon.
  • The S inside in the ribbon stands for strength and recovery.
  • The black and white are for future and past. Good and bad.


This is so truly amazing. Congrats to all of you!

Remember, You control you, no one or nothing else does. Thank you! And continue hitting that share button!" - Inked Horizons



"The moment I found the image and the artist passionately working to raise awareness, I knew I had to get in touch to I could wear some Inked Horizons Merch. This is a beautiful of expression with a vital cause!" -Dave 


  • is an Official Distributor of Inked Horizons Clothing.
  • Inked Horizons Tattoo is the original artist of the Recovery Ribbon Tattoo
  • 1319 E Main St, Merrill, WI 54452
  • (715) 921-9002

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