420 Medical Marijuana Alternative Merch

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I originally started selling these shirts with my former business partner at shows a few years ago. We were motivated by a loss in our group of friends, and the lost of a popular music producer. 

We can all agree on one thing. FUCK HEROIN. But a certain "foundation" could not agree on allowing anyone but them to spread that idea.

But we Adapt, and took on FUCK DOPE.

Which is a new kind of Challenge, In that, now we also have to change the definition of DOPE. 

  • Traditionally people think of DOPE and think of Cannabis, but that is NOT what this collection is against. 
  • I actually believe any decision for MAT (medication-assisted treatment) is something that needs to be discussed with a professional, be it cannabis or otherwise.

Fuck Heroin is the idea, and we will express is with FUCK DOPE.

We took an Idea, and ran with it. Presenting our movement at EDM, Hip-Hop, and Rap Concerts in and around Chicago, even venturing as far as Georgia, Colorado, and California to spread the brand. 

To learn more about the brand, Check out out this interview my former partner and I did with ODMovement.com



    These shirts are not a final statement. These shirts are a Talking Point. One that provokes the reader.

    • You should be ready to discuss the Opioid Epidemic as a whole, and do what you can to speak only the truth.
    • Don't make shit up. Cite real sources.
    • Check your sources,
    • check your source's sources,
    • and check with qualified Recovery Organizations and Representatives of those organizations.
    • Take everything with a grain a salt.
    • And remember, DO NO FUCKING HARM. 

    If you or someone you know needs help, Raise Your Hand and ask for it. 
    Proceeds from these sales are donated to: 
    A Man In Recovery Foundation: 844-611-HOPE (4673)