Dave Wears "DOPE to HOPE"!

I'm honored and feel privileged to host A Man In Recovery Foundation's merchandise on my store. 

In 2016, I learned about Tim Ryan and asked him if I could help by providing T-Shirts and Hoodies, and by donating the proceeds to his organization. He graciously provided me the opportunity to help. 

Thank you Tim, for the work you do, and for your dedication to your mission. 

If you or someone you know needs help, just call. 888-677-1646 

Tim Ryan - A Man in Recovery Foundation
 The primary mission of A Man in Recovery Foundation is to help heroin and opiate addicts and their families. We believe the most effective approach is to help one addict at a time, guiding that person to see a life from dope to hope.
We focus on awareness, prevention, community outreach, resources and local forums. We will also work with state and federal lawmakers to get more funds for treatment and to achieve changes in laws based around addiction in our state and nationwide.

Proceeds from the sales of AMIRF Collection are donated to AMIRF. 

DaveWears.com is an Official Distributor of Tim Ryan's Clothing.