Dave Wears HUCK FUNGER & Feeds it Forward!


You heard it hear first! From Dave Wears, in partnership with the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry, we bring you HUCK FUNGER! 

Now forgive me for the following bit of french, but I figure this is my own blog so I will let one drop here or there if needed. 

I say that first because I know you're waiting for me to explain why "HUCK FUNGER" 

And.... Well.... Let's say we didn't want to be profane by saying FUCK HUNGER! (Also, you can't use paid ads for the word fuck)

Mostly that you can't use paid ads for the word fuck. 


How did this come to be?

This blessing of a new adventure came about when my absolutely amazing head of HR at work linked me up with the food pantry. 

At first, I didn't know what the best way to help was going to be. I didn't have a design ready, I didn't have a slogan, and I didn't have a plan. 

Not until I met with the team at the Aurora Food Pantry and got to see exactly how dedicated they are to feeding the community and surrounding communities. 

When we put our heads together, I had the spark I needed, and before I knew it, HUCK FUNGER was born!


Feed it Forward!

Feed it Forward is the Action Statement the team chose and I absolutely fell in love with it as soon as it was suggested. 

We tried many others out, and Feed it Forward is the statement that made the cut. It's something everyone can stand behind. 

To Feed it Forward can mean so much, and with Dave Wears, it means feeding a family of 4 for a week. 


How can you help? 

I'm really glad you asked! 


You don't have to be Dave to wear what Dave Wears, and you definitely don't have to be Dave to Feed it Forward!

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