Sounds of the Lebanese Revolution

Music to Revolt to

There is only so much I could do to support the Revolution from here in the States. 

One thing I can do, is collect and share all the Sounds of the Revolution in one place for our shared viewing/listening pleasure! 

Please share, or leave me a message to share more videos/songs here! 


Where did the Recovery Ribbon go, Dave?

Where did the Recovery Ribbon go, Dave?

Don't be sad! Be Proud!

DaveWears and Inked Horizons partnership has come to a close.


Thank you Deamons for our partnership and allowing DaveWears to distribute your design on my Apparel!

Not everyone knew this, but most DaveWears partnerships are temporary and used as a way to get my partners ready to launch on their own.

I believe this was a successful partnership, and will always support Deamon's message of Overcoming.


Dave Wears HUCK FUNGER & Feeds it Forward!

Dave Wears HUCK FUNGER & Feeds it Forward!

You heard it hear first! From Dave Wears, in partnership with the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry, we bring you HUCK FUNGER! 

Now forgive me for the following bit of french, but I figure this is my own blog so I will let one drop here or there if needed. 

Why wear what Dave Wears? - Part 1

Why wear what Dave Wears? - Part 1

Part 1: Here is why Dave Wears what Dave Wears, you be the judge, then hopefully the customer <3 

Reason 1: I wouldn't sell something I don't love. My favorite kind of t-shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton. It's a perfectly fitting tee, so i'm comfortable in it and that's the most important part.

Reason 2: All the products I sell are manufactured in the United States, which means my products are being made with attention to detail, and by someone who cares.

Reason 3: Because the products are made here in the USA, you're not going to wait long for...

Partner with Dave

I'm on a mission to empower as many people as possible. DaveWears.com is one of the tools I'll use.

I'm offering a simple solution for anyone who ever thought about selling merch online, but never had the time or money to get started.

Partner with me, and I'll host your brand for a 90-Day Trial.

During this 90-Days, our goal is to get as many sales as possible.

When the 90 days close, and you've done well, I'll help you use those profits to build your own store.

So its three steps!

1. 90-Day Sales Rush Trial