Going out of business 7/15/2020

Thank you for the support over the years. 

DaveWears will be ending business at 11:59pm  July 15th, 2020

All orders up to closing date will be fulfilled.No orders will be accepted after closing date. 

All Discount codes and Coupons have been disabled. Only the Close-Out prices will be available. 

Customer Service and Support will be maintained until 90-Days after closing date or 90-Days after the last Order is placed. 

Dave Wears #HuckFunger and #YouAreNotAlone


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You Are Not Alone

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Dave Wears Dope to Hope from Tim Ryan's AMIR Foundation

AMIRF's focus is on awareness, prevention, community outreach, resources and local forums. AMIRF works with state and federal lawmakers to get more funds for treatment and to achieve changes in laws based around addiction in our state and nationwide.

I'm honored and feel privileged to host A Man In Recovery Foundation's merchandise on my store. 

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